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Ted Wild

 Every article on writing that I have read, or seminar I have attended all had a common thread; write what you know. So I have done so. I wrote about the life and adventures of a young man working for the U.S. government for the sum of $155.80 a month, plus $65.00 overseas pay, often referred to as Combat Pay.
This did of course include room and board. Although old canned C rations and leaking ponchos did not add much to the overall value.
I wrote what I knew, and who I knew, and the trials, enlightenment and lives of a select group of young men chosen by fate, and, until recently, largely ignored.
We are still here, and these are some of the things that we did, so long ago, so far off in our youth.
Vietnam. Say it softly for it is a prayer. Say it in reverence for it is a spell, say it in remembrance for the more than fifty-eight thousand men and women to whom it was forever.
                             Please join me in the world
                          of the Combat Infantryman