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Reality: Ta不一定比你幸福  | 2023.3.30

Happy Reality Day! 开始本周3分钟的现实, 1%的快乐 ↓








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— Leo Brown




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Ted Wild

PS: 让你不快乐的原因都 在这里 

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Reality: They are not happier than you  | 2023.3.30

Happy Reality Day! Here is your weekly dose of reality to help you live 1% happier.

1 Insight From Me

If happiness is the goal in life, then no one is necessarily happier than another, because:

(1) Human happiness has an inherent level and will hardly change with the external environment. Modern people have water, electricity, network, mobile phone, computer, cars, air conditioners, AI, more choices, and more experience, but are you happier than people 500 years ago? When you were a kid, you had no money, no car, no house, and no girlfriend, but are you happier than your child self?

(2) No one’s life is perfect. The person whose life you want also wants part of your life. All things come with a price. The boss of a company has a lot to worry about. Rich people take greater risks. Famous people want a normal life in which they can go shopping without makeup or interruptions. Powerful people carry more responsibilities.

The people you see every day on Instagram, TikTok, in companies, and on the street all wear masks.

Only they know whether they are really happy or not.

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1 Insight From Others

“No one is perfect in this world. Forgive people for not knowing better and move on.”

— Leo Brown

1 Question For Yourself

Have you ever felt that the starting line of the people around you is your finish line, they are crushing you in all ways?

Feel free to reply to the email and let’s talk about it. Because I had it too.

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1 Small Step To Take

Check out the Instagram posts of the people you know the best, then ask yourself:

For what percent do these posts reflect his/her real life? (Life Reflection rate)

Remember: the percentage of this person is basically the percentage of everyone in your Instagram feed.

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Until next week,

Ted Wild

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