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My name is Ted Wild.

I am that friend who secretly suffered from anxiety for over a decade but managed to self-helped my way out of the mud, correct a lot of my false mindset, and right now living a mindful and blissful life, continuing a journey of self-improvement.

I have learned a lot along the way, but the core of it is that:

All Problems in our life boil down to MINDSET.

This is my online home where I share and learn with you about:

  • self-help
  • self-improvement
  • the right mindset for living our life
  • exploring life and ourself
  • and so much more

Welcome to drop by for some insights and tea.

More about Ted Wild here.

PS: This website is the headquarter of all my content. Since I want to share with people from both China and worldwide, the content will be written in both English and Chinese, feel free to join me on this journey!


欢迎来这里!我的英文名 Ted Wild.





  • 自我帮助
  • 自我提升
  • 面对生活的正确心态
  • 认识生活,认识自己
  • 其他生活相关的方面




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